BBQ Trash Can Turkey

Trash can turkeys are some of the juiciest birds you can make. They are really fun to make too because usually there is some kind of gathering going on and the smell from the cooking turkey is fantastic.

[phpzonsidebar keywords=”bbq smoked turkey” num=”5″ country=”US” trackingid=”kckcocom-20″ id=”2″]As you can see, there’s not much to it either. You don’t need a grill or a smoker to make a great meal! Just make sure that you clean the trash can really well before you make it – even if you just bought it from the store (you never know what some stock person lugged around in it before it made it to the shelf :))

Have you ever had BBQ trash can turkey? Do you think he intentionally tipped the bird over at the end?



  1. Rob says:

    The turkey was unevenly seated from the beginning so I don’t think the turkey was intentionally tipped; and I was glad to notice that the trash can was washed after being set open side down in the dirt at the beginning of the video. this looks like a homemade version of a way to accomplish the same results as a Caja China. I had my first experience with a Caja China about a year ago and wasn’t really impressed with the results. In the end, whatever is being cooked does not pick up any flavor from the charcoal/wood at all and in my opinion might just as well be oven roasted with less difficulty involved.

  2. Capt Ron says:

    Cool idea… As for intentionally tipped the bird over at the end. Well if you noticed in the beginning it started to when he was putting the can over the turkey. If anyone has done any deep fried turkeys they know that the fowl normally tips. Those holder really aren’t that good.. For this one might want to use a beer can stand for turkeys that have a solid support. The can is a a little scary… It’s a galvanized trash can… Might want to find some other vessel to cook in but other wise nice concept… Turkey looked delish…

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