Apple and Orange Juice Brined Smoked Turkey Recipe

[phpzonsidebar keywords=”cooler” num=”5″ country=”US” trackingid=”kckcocom-20″ id=”2″]Here’s the recipe that will show you how to smoke an apple & orange brined turkey. This guy is using a handy cooler for the brine mix and the turkey. Coolers seem to be pretty good containers for brining but you could also use a large canning pot, a clean plastic bucket or any other container that will hold the brining solution and the bird.

A Bradley Smoker is used for this bird but you can really use any smoker you wish. Just make sure that you use a thermometer to let you know when the turkey is done. The internal temperature in the meaty part of the breast needs to be at least 160 degrees in order to kill off the harmful bacteria.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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