December 7


Barbecue Mops Or Grilling BBQ Mops Make For Great Gifts

By SmokerBBQ

December 7, 2012

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Barbecue Mops

Barbecue Mops are similar to grill and barbecue brushes but allow more generous quantities of barbecue sauce to be applied to whatever is being grilled or smoked. There are a number of different kinds of BBQ and grilling mops available.

There are traditional cloth mops as well as the newer silicone style mops. Cloth mops will soak up more sauce and allow dabbing as well as smothering of the sauce on the meat. The cloth mops will not stay white long and will never recover the whiteness from before their first use. But just because the mop is stained, it does’t mean that you have to throw it away and use a new one each time.

Just clean the mop well after use and then let it completely dry before putting it away for its next use. Some of the mop heads are removable which allows easier washing or replacement as necessary.

Silicone barbecue mops on the other hand are very easy to clean but don’t have the same feel or dabbing effect as the cloth mops.┬áSilicone barbecue mops are available in different colors but the most common colors are red or black. Both cloth head mops and silicone BBQ mops work well for grilling or barbecue. It really comes down to what you like the most.

Regardless of which one you like most, make sure that any of them that you get have a long enough handle on them to allow you to reach the meat that is furthest away from the opening.

Either style of mops make for an excellent gift or stocking stuffer for any BBQ or grilling enthusiast in your life. They never would expect it but always find a use for one – which often results in a tasty meal for you to enjoy too.


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