October 17


Bourbon Maple Syrup Glaze Is Wonderful With Meat And Fish

By SmokerBBQ

October 17, 2015

Bourbon Maple Syrup Glaze, Grilling Glaze, Smoking Glaze

Delicious Bourbon Maple Syrup Glaze

Sometimes the simplest of glazes yield the most complex and amazing results. As people prepare different kinds of meats and fishes on their grills and smokers they are sometimes not sure what to use for a glaze. This bourbon maple syrup glaze may be the solution to this problem.

The bourbon maple syrup glaze is fantastic on salmon, steaks and almost everything in between. When you make it, be sure that you use 100% pure maple sugar. It’s a lot more expensive than the Aunt Jemima  syrup you use on pancakes which is mostly high fructose corn syrup but yields real maple flavor.

The recipe itself is simple. Mix equal parts of your favorite bourbon with maple syrup. Add additional maple syrup or bourbon to your individual taste.

To use it simply brush the glaze over your meat when you start cooking, then during and near the end.

Send pictures and comment on how you use this glaze.


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