Char-Griller Smoker Winter Smoked Pork Butt

Mesquite Wood Smoked Pork Butt

This Char-Griller smoker chef is using mesquite wood for smoking a pork butt. There’s snow in the grass and this smoker has definitely got the right idea. Why wait till summer to smoke a pork butt? There’s really no better time to break in an offset smoker than the moment it arrives and this smoker is definitely putting their smoker to the test.

At first glance, this looks like great smoke with a super potential outcome. Who doesn’t start to drool just thinking about the possibilities for meals built on a smoked pork butt foundation. Things like shredded pork with barbecue sauce and coleslaw pop right into our thoughts.

Future thinking is great if you can properly execute in the present. There seems to be an issue with this particular recipe. There’s likely nothing wrong with the meat or the preparation of the rub or even the application. In this case the problem seems to be that the chef put too much charcoal in the firebox, or maybe not. It looks very full to us and it’s not surprising that the Char-Griller is quite hot.

Char-Griller Smoker Too Hot

Unfortunately, while the smoker is doing a great job of holding in the heat, it’s doing it too well. The bottom line is that it’s too hot. This chef is working on the overheating issue by wedging a hunk of wood in the firebox area. We don’t think this is what the folks at Char-Griller really had in mind when it comes to properly moderating the temperature of the smoker.

Has this ever happened to you on this type of smoker? What do you recommend to fix this problem? Share your thoughts on how to better moderate the heat in this Char-Griller smoker or any other smoker for that matter. Please leave a comment and share your tips.


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