November 25


Grilled Seafood Stuffed Lobster

By SmokerBBQ

November 25, 2012

Grilled lobster, Grilled Seafood Stuffed Lobster, Weber Kettle Grill

Seafood Is Good For You

Wow! Not only is it healthy for you it’s also also incredibly delicious. This grilled seafood stuffed lobster is surely a crowd pleaser.

What do you get when you combine Ritz crackers, a cast iron pan, crab meat, scallops, onion, salt and pepper and a couple of live lobsters? The BBQPitBoys have combined these ingredients to make some phenomenal grilled stuffed lobsters.

Don’t do indirect heat for this recipe and don’t skimp on the butter. If you follow the steps carefully you’ll have a fantastic grilled stuffed lobster meal in about 30 minutes.

Have you grilled stuffed lobster before? Share some of this today!


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