Lemon Herb and Cajun Style BBQ Turkey Breasts

[phpzonsidebar keywords=”bbq turkey breast” num=”5″ country=”US” trackingid=”kckcocom-20″ id=”2″]This lemon herb and cajun style bbq turkey breast recipe really gets to the essence of turkey. No drumsticks, wings or back to worry about. Just the breast meat itself.

The cajun style turkey breast is injected in multiple locations while the lemon herb breast is not. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions about cooking the breasts until the internal temperature is 160 degrees. The length of time that you have to cook it will vary depending on how you bbq the breast.

This cook uses a Big Green Egg to make the breast but other smokers and grills will work too. The key is to be able to get the temperature up to 325 degrees and maintain it for 1-2 hours.

Give this recipe, or one seasoned the way you like it, a try before Thanksgiving and you may discover a new way to celebrate the holiday!

Let us know how you cook and season turkey breasts.

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