Smoked Brisket Recipe On A Weber Smokey Mountain

Smoked Brisket

Smoked Brisket Recipe

Some people think that making a smoked beef brisket correctly is nothing short of a miracle. For some a smoked brisket is the ultimate smoking challenge. For others, the masters, it’s a cake walk.

The masters have their own recipe and follow it meticulously. Jeff, the cook in this video, walks through the recipe for making a succulent smoked beef brisket every time.
It’s a bit windy in Oklahoma and Jeff narrates the video outside so if you can bear with the wind in the background you will get a recipe for making a super smoked brisket. He’s using his Weber Smokey Mountain smoker for making his brisket.

Have you had success with your smoked briskets? Share a picture and comment on how long you smoked your beef brisket and any other important details for beef brisket newbies.

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