Smoked Chicken Mozzarella Cheese Dogs Recipe

Smoked Chicken Mozzarella Cheese Dogs

The Healthiest Dogs You Can Serve Your Family

These are the healthiest smoked chicken cheese dogs you can serve your crew because you know everything that goes into them. The full recipe and video walk through will have your stomach rumbling for a batch of these too.

The guys at Bradley Smoker are obviously promoting their excellent Bradley Pellet Smokers but who cares? With recipes like this being offered up we say “promote all day”!

Listen closely for the ingredients in the mixture and once you’ve got it, try it yourself. Then share some pictures of the results with us!

This is right up there with the chicken cordon blu recipe but probably less fattening as it doesn’t use the bacon. These are going on my short list for one of my next smoker projects.

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