Smoked Fatty

Smoked Fatty

Smoked Fatty – The Insta Friend Maker

What in the world is a smoked fatty you ask?

One of the easiest and most effortless things to smoke in your BBQ smoker is the classic fatty (also spelled fattie). These little gems are guaranteed to make you a couple of new friends, as long as you are willing to share. And why not? We all know that BBQ is all about sharing delicious food.

The recipe is as follows:

  1. Take a log of Jimmy Dean Premium Pork Sausage (or any other brand of your choosing), remove it from the packaging and roll it in your favorite BBQ Rub. Be sure to get good coverage.
  2. Smoke this log for a couple of hours between 225-250 degrees F or until you reach the Jimmy Dean recommended internal temperature of 160 degrees F.
  3. Slice into mouth-watering medallions and prepare to be popular.

Go get a roll of your favorite sausage and make one of these in your smoker today! Share this if you like smoked fatties.


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