January 26


Smoked Prime Rib Is Fantastic – Make This Soon

By SmokerBBQ

January 26, 2013

Kamodo Smoker, Smoked Prime Rib, Smoked Ranchers Reserve, Smoked Standing Rib Roast

Smoked Prime Rib

Just saying it makes our mouths water. This guy does a really nice job of walking through the prep and smoking of a Ranchers Reserve, standing rib roast – or just smoked prime rib!

He prepped the meat with olive oil, Montreal Steak Seasoning and garlic. His ceramic smoker was at 300 degrees and he smoked this for about 2 hours until the internal temperature was about 125 degrees. He then wrapped it in foil and let it rest until the internal temp was 135 degrees. The result is a perfectly delicious medium rare three bone prime rib.

Who’s ready to smoke one of these?


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