Meadow Creek Eye Candy

Meadow Creek Barbecue Eye Candy

Feast Your Eyes On This Meadow Creek Barbecue

Watch this pro smoke BBQ chicken and BBQ ribs on this Meadow Creek BBQ Smoker. This display of chicken and BBQ ribs is nothing short of eye candy to the beginner as well as the professional smokers.

Outdoor cookers of this caliber are capable of feeding everybody in the family or at your party.

This is a TS250 tank smoker with sliding grates and a door on each side of the tank. It’s fired with an offset firebox on the back end. It has reverse flow draft, so the heat travels beneath the plate and enters the cooking chamber on the far end and moves back over the meat and out the stack on the firebox end.

Two minutes of fun and wishing we were there! How about you?

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