Whisky Glazed Smoked Turkey Legs Recipe

Smoked Turkey Leg

How To Make Smoked Turkey Legs

We were looking for a good video on how to make smoked turkey legs. In the process we came across this fantastic looking recipe for whiskey glazed smoked turkey. If you have a bunch of kids around or are looking for a snack you can chew on for a while it may be time for you to try out a batch of these.

The alcohol cooks off in the smoking process, but the flavor from the Jack Daniels in the recipe likely smells wonderful. Some of you won’t be interested in using your Jack Daniels for the glaze but with a little thought you could come up with an alternative.

Just looking at the picture makes us want to grab a leg and start gnawing at the bone. There’s a reason that turkey legs are so popular at State Fairs and places like Disney World!

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